Google Ads

Bouw je eigen website en verdien geld met Google Ads.

Thousands of people had quit their day job and make nowadays a living by blogging about the things they truely love. Car enthusiastist, gardeners, horse lovers, footballfans, healthy food freaks: in all categories someone has made a living by writing about what they love. You can build a blog by yourself, add ads on it and earn money for every single visitor you got.

Wat heb je nodig om geld te verdienen met Google Ads?

Om geld te verdienen met Google Ads heb je een website/blog nodig. Om een website of blog online te hebben, heb je een domeinnaam en hosting nodig. Je domeinnaam is je naam van je website, oftewel (adres)titel waarop andere internetgebruikers je website kunnen bereiken: bijvoorbeeld Je hosting is het stukje huur dat je betaald om gebruik te maken van het internet.


With Google Ads you can earn money with your blog by showing paid ads on your website. For every click or view/impression you get a compensation depending on your niche, quality of website, traffic source, and the number of advertisers on the AdWords platform. You can create your own Google Ads account for free at

Met Wix heb je het hulpmiddel om geld te verdienen met Google Ads. Wix is gebruiksvriendelijk, Wix is namelijk voor iedereen die nog nooit een website heeft gemaakt.

To everyone who haven’t build a website before, we recommend to make one with Wix! Wix has powered already 110 million websites and most of them because of their FREEPLAN mode. Unlike WordPress, the simplicity of Wix makes it a great choice if you are looking to launch a website but are intimidated by the thought of designing a site of your own. You might think you need to know how to code or take an online course first, but Wix does a great job of leading you through the process no matter your level of expertise though their unique click-and-drag-system. Besides Wix pro’s which has mentiod below, Wix gives you free hosting and a domainname and the option to work out your website in their free demo mode. With Wix you’ve got:

  • Keuze uit 500+ gratis templates
  • Acces to a wide variety of free apps to implement on your website via the Wix App Market
  • Option to work first with the free demo version ( to make what you want. When your site is ready you can go premium.
  • When you go premium webhosting and a domainname is included.

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